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The mockingjay.

The only way to beat my crazy was by doing something even crazier. Thank you. I love you.

That’s why on the back of a brown paper bag he tried another poem 
And he called it “Absolutely Nothing”  
Because that’s what it was really all about
And he gave himself an A and a slash on each damned wrist
And he hung it on the bath-room door because this time
he didn’t think he could reach the kitchen

When I first moved to LA, it was very difficult. All the casting directors didn’t know what to do with me, with the way I looked. I’m not blonde with tanned skin and tall and skinny. I looked very different - and they said I looked like I was from another time.

Best Actor - Daniel Day Lewis
Best Actress - Jennifer Lawrence
Best Supporting Actress - Anne Hathaway 
Best Supporting Actor - Christoph Waltz

I get lost in my mind.